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❤ Huawei P9: Top dual camera tips and tricks

Huawei P9 and Leica probably did the one of the most advanced mobile phone cameras yet. It’s boasting a dual camera that will take a newbie to master how to use somehow. Here’s some tricks and tips.

1. Adding Watermark

One of the unique features to the Huawei P9 is putting a watermark on your shots. A weird feature that was different from other camera softwares. Yes, the P9 camera allows you to add watermark to your images. You can watermark image with different annotations, time, location, food, weather, sports and moods. You can even put the Shot on P9 watermark with the P9 logo on the corner of the image.

2. Using Shortcuts

When you opened the default camera app, you can do the following quick gestures to access various parts of the app:

  • Swipe left to switch to modes

  • Swipe right to enter settings

3. Burst shooting

You can capture more than one image one after other, simply when you touch and hold the camera shutter button. It will take continuous shots and on P9, the pictures came out to be very impressive.

4. Assign a function to the volume key

You can assign a function to the volume key to make using the camera app easier. Just

  • Open camera

  • Go to settings

  • Volume button function

It will let you choose from 3 different options:

  • Shutter– Use it as a shutter button to capture pictures.

  • Zoom– You can use it to zoom in and out while clicking a picture or shooting a video.

  • Focus– You can change and shift focus using the volume key if you select this option.

5. Using Nightshots

Huawei P9 comes with a dedicated mode for night pictures like many other phones but there is something unusual in this one. It offers manual ISO and exposure control in the Night Shot mode. This helps you to get rid of the unwanted noise and grain in the night pictures.


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