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❤ Oppo A57: Top Tips and Tricks

Need help with your new Oppo A57? Is Color OS alien to you? Well, here’s some tips and tricks to get you up and running without the need to struggle using the device.

Manage Notifications

This will enable you to customize how each app pushes notifications to your dropdown notification panel. Simply drag the notification panel down and tap on Manage Notifications then go to an app that you want to mute or prioritize in terms of notifying you of something.

Blue Light Filter

You can have a warmer hue of backlighting when you go to Eye Protection setting from the notification panel. Drag down the notification panel down and enable Eye Protection. This will give your display a much warmer feel to it so you won’t have to stay up late at night because of the blue light that is coming from your smartphone is preventing you from getting sleepy. You can also long tap on the Eye Protection quick setting so you can set the level to Low, Medium or High.

Lockscreen Magazine

You can have a different lockscreen magazine every time you wake up your device’s display. Enabling it in the settings (Settings -> Lockscreen Magazine and Wallpaper) will lead you to download, if you want, more lockscreen items that you can use. You can even add your own photos as the lockscreen so you won’t get bored of the default ones in case you don’t like them.

Dirac Audio Technology

You can enable high quality audio experience if you use the proprietary Oppo earphones that comes in the box. Dirac Audio Technology is a collaboration of Oppo and Dirac to deliver various presets and customizable channels for those people who want their audio well-suited to their audio taste.

Screen Off Gestures

These are gestures geared toward making actions even while the display is off or the phone is locked. You can double tap the display to wake it up. Draw an O to launch the camera. Draw a V to turn on the flashlight. Or you can have your own custom gesture to do a specific action.


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