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Oppo F1s: Selfie Tips and Tricks

If you own an Oppo F1s, chances are you bought it for the selfie camera. Here’s how you can maximize that front shooter to get some beautiful selfie shots.

Use the Timer

You can use the timer of your Oppo F1s camera to take some stable selfie shots. You can have it for 2 or 5 seconds if you are doing a selfie or a 10 second delay if you want to run back to a group for a perfect group shot. What’s more is that you can trigger the timers using your Palm or your Voice. With Palm, you can show your palm over to the camera so it detects it and starts the timer. With Voice, you just say cheese to set of the timer. Beware though, that voice activating your timer can be done by anyone. So watch out for your trolling friends who want to ruin a good shot.

Use the Beauty Mode

Not saying that you are ugly, but you can beautify your selfie even more on your bad skin or hair day. How? Just change the mode right next to Photo and set your “beautification” level from 1 to 10. 1 being the most natural to 10 being the most absurd and strongest level of skin smoothening. It is all relative so experimenting on this feature can bring up the best results. Just don’t overdo it is the final pro tip.

Use the Flash

For the party goers, for the nocturnal, for the people who love the dark. Taking a selfie doesn’t have to be that hard. You can have a selfie flash to illuminate your face in low light situations into complete darkness. Just turn it on. The difference is noticeable from using the selfie flash to not using it. 

Use Exposure Compensation

Okay, listen up. Fire up the default Oppo camera and touch to focus. After that just swipe up or down to compensate the exposure to the available light in the shot. This way you can avoid getting your selfie super dark or super bright. Open, touch, then swipe up or down. Then you are good to go. 


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