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❤ Samsung Galaxy: How is the Galaxy S9 sound performance

For an overall premium user experience, the new Samsung Galaxy S9 packed an improved sound driver for that full room audio that brings satisfaction in every session.

The audio jack is still here

Because smartphones are increasingly becoming our go-to platforms for entertainment, a top-flight display alone won’t quite cut it. In order to enjoy a truly cinematic mobile viewing experience, we need a premium sound system to complement the display – one that makes it easy for us to immerse ourselves in whatever content we’re consuming.

To enable users to experience true auditory immersion, Samsung placed powerful, AKG-tuned stereo speakers at the bottom and earpiece of the Galaxy S9. Together, the speakers pump out audio that’s not only loud, but also rich and balanced, no matter the volume.

This means that whether you’re streaming the latest binge-worthy show or jamming out to a new playlist, you can count on the Galaxy S9 to provide high-quality audio that keeps you engaged and makes your show, song, or podcast that much more enjoyable.

volume setting galaxy s9

The DOLBY Atmos Effect

The Galaxy S9 also features a Dolby Atmos effect that gives users listening through headphones or the device’s speakers the sensation that they’re experiencing 360-degree surround sound. The clever feature carefully analyzes how key variables affect the audio in order to create the most immersive sound experience possible.

The function enriches both Dolby Atmos-exclusive content as well as various other forms of media, and may easily be toggled on or off.


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