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Replace iPhone 6s Plus Charging Port in Queen Victoria Building

IMPORTANT: If you have problems on your iPhone charging port, have it repaired immediately. It will reduce the risk of damaging your smartphone or even an explosion while recharging. Replace iPhone charging port NOW!

Sydney CBD Repair Centre can replace iPhone charging ports for all of you near Queen Victoria Building!

Is  your iPhone charging port failing or just not working? iPhone charging port replacement can be a complicated repair job. We have the proper personnel and replacement parts to do this fixes right. Call us now and have your personal discount!

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The lightning port is important for your iPhone 6s Plus, since it serves power to your battery. If it’s broken, your recharging speed may be compromised. Replace iPhone charging port now with Sydney CBD Repair Centre.

iPhone 6s Plus Lightning Port

Benefits of iPhone charging port replacement

Safe Recharging

If your charging port is not making tight contact with your charger’s tip, then it’s a FIRE HAZARD. Replace iPhone charging port if it’s not recharging or cuts the flow of electricity to recharge your iPhone.

Reliable Data Transfers

With a good charging port, USB file transfers will not be interrupted. Hence, uncorrupted data. iPhone charging port replacement prevents data loss if the one in your unit is failing.

Damage Protection

A good charging port module protects your iPhone by reducing damage to the battery in case of overcharging. iPhone charging port replacement gives you peace of mind in case you find degrading battery life on your iPhone.

iPhone Models we can fix

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Replace iPhone 5 Charging Port

iPhone 5 Lightning Port

Replace iPhone 5s Charging Port

iPhone 5s Lightning Port

Replace iPhone 5c Charging Port

iPhone 5c Lightning Port

Replace iPhone 6 Charging Port

iPhone 6 Lightning Port

Replace iPhone 6s Charging Port

iPhone 6s Lightning Port

Replace iPhone 6 Plus Charging Port

iPhone 6 Plus Lightning Port

Replace iPhone 6s Plus Charging Port

iPhone 6s Plus Lightning Port

iPhone charging port replacement can be expensive but in Sydney CBD, you get:

  • Authentic iPhone replacement parts
  • Expert service
  • Added customer service

All for the right price! Call now for your other questions!


The iPhone 6s Plus charging port supports fast data transfer and fast charging. Very useful in recharging your iPhone 6s Plus faster and more reliably. However, if it’s damaged or overused, replace iPhone charging port now.

iPhone 6s Plus Lightning Port
Be Sure You Get the Correct Price & Right Repair Service.

Get Repaired By Apple Specialist Team Today.

Be Sure You Get the Correct Price & Right Repair Service.


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OR 043 777 4119 , Locate Us⇒.
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Weekdays: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday : Closed

After Business Hours, By Appointment only.

All Highly Skilled Technicians who came from South Korea can help you out quickly.

Enjoy ‘Brand New Gangnam Style Repair Service‘ in Sydney CBD.

We do Mail-in Repair Services

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Send your Phone

Send your broken mobile to us to avail of the best iPhone charging port replacement.

We Fix It

Our team of specialists will replace iPhone charging port right after we receive you mobile in the mail.

We Send Back

We then send back your fixed mobile phone from the best iPhone charging port replacement in Sydney CBD.

4 Real benefits of the iPhone 7 Lightning Port

There really are a lot of aspects of the iPhone 7 well worth grumbling about, however the lack of the headphone jack just isn’t some of them. The smartphone, which debuts currently, is the original Apple gadget to drop the 3.5 mm earphone port, and rather necessitate earphones to be synced up wirelessly (with Bluetooth) or connecteded to the Lightning slot, the very same connection that transmits electricity to the unit. This shift provides nearly almost everyone a swift, and even essentially none-too-bright talking point whenever reviewing the fresh design. Here’s reasons why this is a grumble people should never have.

Your Older Headphones Aren’t Outdated

Apple is including a complimentary Lightning-to-3.5 mm adapter with new iPhones that will help people to always keep making use of earphones using a basic port. This would not be some chunky, annoying slab of accessory, but an unassuming doodad which will live on the end of your headphones or earbuds, substituting the cord’s tip with a brand new one.

This Could possibly Make Bluetooth Headphones More affordable

Just one manner to interpret this particular change is to say that Apple is requiring anyone to buy an all new, Lightning-cabled pair of earphones. Still, that brushes off the massive numbers of individuals currently utilizing Bluetooth models, which will pair along with the all new iPhone the like they did the older one. In case just about anything, this development really should move the highly developed in Bluetooth earphones, and eventually lessen their price premium over wired earphones. Companies that want to become part of the Apple community, but nonetheless invite non-iOS clients, possess a benefit to generate even more and greater wire less versions, likely making those the all-new default tech for earphone connectivity. Just as Wi-fi has all but changed out wired internet, Bluetooth and follow-on wireless connectivities are actually natural replacements to the 3.5 mm jack.

Lightning Earphones Could Utilize Your Mobile phone’s Battery

Considering that Lightning cables can output both data (meaning stereo signals, usually) and power, they can harness the iPhone’s electric battery to work qualities in earphones. The most ideal illustration of this particular up until now is in the active noise-canceling earbuds from JBL and Libratone. Instead attaching a heavy, clunky normal rechargeable battery and electronic devices on the earphones’ cable, the companies were able to make up for ambient noise– a process which calls for audio evaluation from always-on mics– simply by accessing the iPhone’s hardware and battery. Some other features that are a lot less of a step-by-step improvement, and more advanced, are bound to come, since Apple is allowing (on a case-by-case basis) makers to utilize the Lightning connectivity’s complete blend of data and electrical power transfer.

Lightning Headphones Sound Better Far better.

At long last, there’s probably the leading benefit of the multitasking Lightning cord– it transfers sound files with lesser data loss. That’s a jargon-y way of saying that music comes through cleaner. That’s especially important for high-grade digital music, the type of huge-bitrate tracks that can seem excellent when driven through the right home boom box, with the required receiver, preamp, digital-to-analog converter and loudspeakers, but that sound essentially excellent when pinched through headphones. Where typical earphones left much of that additional data behind, Lightning earphones will retain the top quality of monitors. This also suggests that high-resolution audio (HRA), which is a vital boost from the quality of streaming music or even CDs, will eventually attack the mainstream.

Until now, enjoying HRA on headsets has called for being really connected to a PC, or buying a fully commited music player, else managing an arcane techie runaround, using obtuse apps to store and play HRA tracks on devices that aren’t installed to natively play them, including the prior iPhone. Even then, Lightning earphones were the most effective means to make certain that all that improved audio quality was making it through the trip from the mobile phone to your ears. But now that Lightning cords are the iPhone’s only wired connection for earphones, it’s anticipated that the iPhone 7 will certainly play HRA natively, and also this next level of audio enjoyment will be attainable to everybody.

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