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Huawei Ascend Mate 7 FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a planning to get a Huawei Ascend Mate 7 or currently own one? Do you have any questions about it? Here’s Sydney CBD Repair Team answering those queries.

huawei ascend mate 7

Can I Stop the Application Update Notifications at HUAWEI ASCEND MATE ?

If we already installed an application or several applications from Google Play Store, Google give us the easy notifications for all installed application at HUAWEI ASCEND MATE without have to check it one by one. If the application vendor already update at Google Play Store, then automatically the notification will be appear at top location screen or notification bar. If you need to hide it or make it not appear again if new update release, then you can turn it off at : Choose Google Play Store icon > Menu > My Apps > General settings, remove Notification check mark.

How to give security protection for HUAWEI ASCEND MATE ?

You can give protection for HUAWEI ASCEND MATE with Google Android options. Choose several security protection when open the smartphone from Menu Settings > Location and security and choose as your style. We are recommended using screen lock pattern to make it faster to open HUAWEI ASCEND MATE phone protection.

How to take screenshot of HUAWEI ASCEND MATE for capture screen display into image ?

To do screen capture at HUAWEI ASCEND MATE you can press together : Power Button + Volume Down, and the screen display will capture into images saved at memory folder Pictures.

How to Change HUAWEI ASCEND MATE user interface or launcher ?

Basically the HUAWEI ASCEND MATE have their own user interface known as Emotion UI, but some people need to tweak the user interface as they need. To change HUAWEI ASCEND MATE user interface is easy because we can choose many customize User Interface from Google Play Store and install it at HUAWEI ASCEND MATE. But please be careful because not all user interface is compatible with HUAWEI ASCEND MATE, some user interface launcher can make this smartphone become corrupt or act not properly, sometime the LCD touch screen is not very responsive.

Can I connect HUAWEI ASCEND MATE  with HDMI TV or Projector ?

We can connect HUAWEI ASCEND MATE with HDMI TV or any other HDMI output. To make it work more better, you need to use MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) which have to buy separately.

Can I use HUAWEI ASCEND MATE  for read USB Flash Disk ?

The processor of HUAWEI ASCEND MATE already able to read USB Flash Drive, but usually the USB Flash Drive have more bigger port while the HUAWEI ASCEND MATE USB port is micro USB as standard Android USB port, so we will need USB OTG converter to connect HUAWEI ASCEND MATE  with USB Flash Drive.

Huawei Screen Replacement

Sydney CBD Repair Team is the best when it comes to Huawei replacement and repair. Did you drop your Huawei and just cracked the screen? Come and visit Sydney CBD Repair Centre. Have your broken Huawei repaired in a matter of minutes for half the price.

Huawei Repair

huawei ascent mate 7 full specifications

How to Improve Battery Live of HUAWEI ASCEND MATE to make it longer ?

As we know that HUAWEI ASCEND MATE use big battery 4050 mAh. This is some kind of Samsung 7 inches tablet battery but only use at 6.1 LCD screen tablet. With the optimization of Huawei K3V2 1,5 GHz quad-core Cortex-A9 processor, the battery can live more longer to work and fun. One of the very fast which make battery drain is LCD screen, we are suggesting not to make it to bright, better you choose Automatic brightness or if you can, choose manual brightness and set as minimum as you can but still give good display.

What is Emotion UI at HUAWEI ASCEND MATE ?

HUAWEI ASCEND MATE use their own user interface which name EMOTION UI. You will not find any applications button in the bottom screen like other Android, all installed applications will be move to front desktop. But do not worry because HUAWEI ASCEND MATE already have several page for main screen which is only show the icon that you choose and also the other screen act like other Android UI which collect all installed applications icon.

How to Change or Remove HUAWEI ASCEND MATE Battery ?

The battery of HUAWEI ASCEND MATE is not removable, that is why we can not easily open the back case battery and remove like many smartphone battery. But if you need to remove the battery you need to have several tools to open the back case. If you want to change the battery, better to bring at the nearest Huawei service center or let it be handled by experienced people.

How Big is exactly RAM at HUAWEI ASCEND MATE ?

HUAWEI ASCEND MATE have 2 different product, basically they have the same specifications, the different is at RAM usage, they are 1GB and 2GB.

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