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Huawei Mate 8 FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a planning to get a Huawei Mate 8 or currently own one? Do you have any questions about it? Here’s Sydney CBD Repair Team answering those queries.


Why does burst shooting automatically stop even before the number of burst shots reaches 100?

The maximum number of burst shots is 100. However, this number varies with products as well as the actual storage space on the phone. When your phone’s storage space is not sufficient, burst shooting may stop early. This is normal software error tolerance.

Why does my phone show a Google Play framework error after I update Google Play services?

That is because the new version of Google Play is incompatible with your phone. Please uninstall the updated Google Play services.

    Enter Settings > Apps, find Google Play services, and touch Disable.

Does the 2.5 D glass screen break easily? If the screen breaks, can I replace just the cover glass?

1)Your phone uses Corning Gorilla Glass, which is very strong.

2)As your phone has an all-in-one modular design, if the screen breaks, you will have to replace the entire front cover component, which includes the screen and front cover.

Why does my phone have a red frame on the screen?

Please check if you have enabled strict mode under Developer options. The menu path is as follows: Settings > Developer options > Strict mode enabled. If strict mode is enabled, an application performing long-running operations on the main thread will cause a red frame to flicker on the screen.

Why does my phone’s screen look red the moment it turns off?

Your phone uses a high color gamut backlight. When the screen turns off, the red spectrum of the backlight turns off slightly later than the blue and green spectra do. That’s why your phone’s screen looks red the moment it turns off. This is a normal phenomenon. Please rest assured.

Why does my phone’s screen turn off during a call?

This is normal. When your ear or another object blocks the proximity sensor near the receiver, the screen automatically turns off to prevent misoperations. The screen will turn back on after you remove the phone from your ears.

    Please do not block the area around the receiver with a phone cover or other objects. When attaching a screen protective film, please make sure the proximity sensor is not covered. Protective films that are not very transparent may cause the proximity sensor to malfunction.

Huawei Screen Replacement

Sydney CBD Repair Team is the best when it comes to Huawei replacement and repair. Did you drop your Huawei and just cracked the screen? Come and visit Sydney CBD Repair Centre. Have your broken Huawei repaired in a matter of minutes for half the price.

Huawei Repair


Why does my phone’s screen look bright/red/unclear/blurred?

Phones use different screens to improve the display quality with better contrast ratio and a wider color gamut.

    1) Your phone uses a negative LCD screen, providing a darker dark state, compared with ordinary LCD screens; a brighter maximum brightness, brighter bright state, and a contrast ratio of 1500:1. Your phone’s screen will not look blurred with a negative LCD screen.

    2)Your phone uses a high color gamut screen with 95% color saturation, providing brighter colors. This new technology makes your phone’s screen very different from ordinary phone screens. These are not technical faults. Please rest assured.

Why does my phone have a black edge at the top and bottom edge of the screen?

If there is a 2 to 3 mm black edge at the top and bottom edge of the startup screen, it is caused by multiple UI layers. This is a normal phenomenon. Please rest assured.

Why is there light leakage when the screen is off?

It is a normal for there to be white light in the display area when the screen is black. Your phone uses an industry leading JDI/LG screen. Before delivery, your phone has gone through rigorous quality tests. This is a normal phenomenon that will not affect your daily use of the phone. Please rest assured.

What do I do if my phone’s screen is slow to respond or does not respond accurately?

Please make sure the operating system on your phone is updated to the latest version.

    If you are using a protective cover or other accessories, the screen may not function properly.

    Using the screen with gloves on, dirty hands, pointy objects, or fingertips may cause the screen to malfunction.

    Using your phone in humid conditions or exposing it to water may cause the screen to fail.

    Restart your phone to clear temporary software errors.

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