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Live Stream of 2022 Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Live Stream of 2022 Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks

The fireworks are streamed live on this page at 9pm and midnight. You can also enjoy the broadcast on TV and a synchronised soundtrack on the radio.

All Questions Of the 2022 Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks

All Questions Of the 2022 Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks

Sydney’s New Years’ Eve celebrations are making a massive post-pandemic comeback with organisers predicting a million people will turn out. For the first time in years, fireworks will be launched from our tallest buildings as the Harbour City demands the world’s attention.

Happy New Year 2023!


You Do Not Go To Watch 2022 SydNYE Fireworks. Here are Why. 

  • Fireworks are bad for the environment . Such as carbon emissions, Toxins and impact on wildlife. 

A total of 13,000 aerial fireworks – including 2000 to be launched from the Opera House’s sails and another 7000 to be fired from 184 positions off the Harbour Bridge as well from four rooftops – will meld a kaleidoscope of colour including aquamarine, magenta and lemon crackers.

The Sydney New Year’s Eve Party is one of the largest and most advanced fireworks displays anywhere on earth, and typically spends a budget of $7 million on around eight tonnes of fireworks.

According to Tree Hugger, fireworks release about 60,340 metric tons of CO2 in the US annually. This is generally higher than the emission from 12,000 gas-engine vehicles every year. Further, fireworks also emit some amount of ozone, a greenhouse gas, as their secondary pollutant.

Sydneysiders , You know how we can celebrate New Year’s Eve Better than before , right ? 

Please Think Globally and Act Locally.

  • The tickets at exorbitant prices are unfair. It could be somebody’s monthly groceries expense. 

Did you know Tickets for the ‘Garden Party at The Calyx’ in the Botanic Gardens, for example, will cost you $595 ?

According to Muval, ‘The Cost Of Living In Sydney’ Report, Expect the estimated monthly costs of groceries to be around $609.60 – $650.24 per month for a single person.

One Said “Ticketing to reduce overcrowding is OK. What’s not OK is selling the tickets at exorbitant prices so only the wealthy can be in the best viewing spots.”

NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns has pledged to make entry to all public viewing areas for the NYE fireworks free.


Groceries/Food and drink, $568.96 – $609.60 per month

What’s not OK is selling the tickets at exorbitant prices so only the wealthy can be in the best viewing spots.

  1. Sydney Trains will be delayed or cancelled like the same old stories. 

Some of Cities in Australia will have free public transport for New Year’s eve celebrations but Sydney won’t. 

Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra and Adelaide will all have free public transport for the evening and into the early hours of 2023.

Delayed or Cancelled Sydney Trains during New Year Celebrations have been happening repeatedly. 

Did you realise that it only happened while you were going back home after new year’s eve fireworks ? 

And you won’t get Refunded for the bad service. 

So Please find alternatives if you really want to celebrate new year’s eve !

  1. Covid 19 is still out there. Stay COVID Safe in NYE. 

According to NSW Health Recent COVID-19 weekly update – Friday 30th December 2022,

In the 7 days to 4pm Thursday 29th December:  

– 27,665 new cases of COVID-19 have been recorded: 12,258 rapid antigen tests (RATs) and 15,407 PCR tests

– 32 lives lost

As at 4pm Thursday 29th December:

– 1,712 people with COVID-19 in hospital

– 45 people with COVID-19 in ICU

Please keep each other COVID-19 safe tonight by following these tips:

– Stay home if unwell – watch all the fireworks action live on TV!

– Move the party outdoors if you can. If celebrating indoors, open windows and doors where possible for ventilation.

– Wear a mask in crowded, indoor spaces including when commuting as public transport will likely be busy.

– Consider doing a rapid antigen test before heading out, especially if you’re ringing in 2023 with people at higher risk of severe illness.

– Keep your hands clean by regularly sanitising or washing your hands.

Live Stream of 2022 Sydney New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Most New Year’s Eve (NYE) vantage points around the harbour are open to ticketholders only this year so plan your travel to and from the celebrations and consider all the available travel options ahead of time. Visit the Official Sydney New Year’s Eve website for more information on vantage points and ticketing. For information on the TfNSW Cahill Expressway event, visit the transport for NSW website.

The city is no place for cars on NYE. With thousands of extra transport services running throughout the night, leave the car at home and catch public transport instead. Significant road closures and widespread street parking restrictions will be in place this year for the safety of crowds moving around the harbour. For details of road closures see below, or visit

Travel on public transport is not free on NYE, you’ll need to use an Opal card or contactless payment card/device when travelling on the network. Register your details online at Opal or via the Opal travel app ahead of time, and top up your card ahead of time.

There will be changes to public transport in the Sydney CBD and North Sydney while roads are closed, and moving around the city and north shore will be different to what you might be used to. Access to train stations, ferry wharves, light rail stops and buses will be affected from mid-afternoon as key roads progressively close throughout the night.

Plan your night:

  • Most NYE vantage points around the harbour are ticketed this year and gates open at various times throughout the evening so make sure to check your ticket and information ahead of time to plan your trip accordingly.
  • Access to train stations, ferry wharves, light rail stops and buses will be affected from mid-afternoon as roads close throughout the night. After 5pm there’ll be no transport directly to Circular Quay so be prepared to walk from other nearby transport hubs to get towards the harbour. 
  • Plan your trip before you heading out as they way you usually travel around the city will be different. You can also download a real-time transport app to track your service on the night.
  • You can use an Opal card or contactless payment card/connect device to tap on and off transport services wherever Opal is accepted. If you’re using your Opal card remember to top it up in advance either online via the Opal Travel app or at one of the many Opal retailers as queues at top up machines will be long on the night.
  • Remember, transport services will be busy as everyone leaves after the midnight fireworks, so consider staying out until after 1am to avoid the peak crowds.
  • For the safety of crowds getting home after the midnight fireworks, access to transport hubs will be different – Be prepared to walk further than normal, see the maps below to find your way.
  • If you’re planning to drive on New Year’s Eve to the city or around the harbour foreshore in a local council area be aware that roads will be closed across many parts of the city. Plan ahead and check before you get in the car.

8:57 PM

Welcome to Country

Gadigal Elders from the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council welcome visitors to Gadigal land.

9 PM

Calling Country fireworks

Calling Country fireworks celebrate the local histories and contemporary experiences of Indigenous storytellers through art, song, sound, and dance. As a way of Calling Country, the selection of artists brings connections between the land, water and sky to reflect on the past, and grow stronger into the future.

9:15 PM

Sydney Harbour Lights

Boats adorned with lights create a visual spectacle as they glide across the harbour. Produced by the Commercial Vessels Association.

11 PM


Sydney welcomes WorldPride 2023 with a spectacular pylon projection and lighting display celebrating our community.



Ring in the new year with the world’s best fireworks show featuring pyrotechnics launched from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House and barges in the harbour.

Watch a live stream or tune in to the synchronised simulcast on KIIS 1065.


After two years of COVID disruptions, the Sydney Harbour foreshore will be back to capacity for this year’s celebration, hosting more than a million people.

if you are planning on heading in for the show a reminder from organizers that many vantage points will need a ticket and the best real estate will cost you a spot here on this lawn will set you back three hundred and seventy dollar . some key spots already sold out miss max parts of bradley’s head bradfield park, blue’s point hicks and road and camble’s cove full up Sydney council releasing free tickets to parks in Piermont and observatory hill

From the lord mayor of Sydney,

 So I too, would like to acknowledge the gatical people of the urination and pay my respects to the eldest, both past and prison and also acknowledge the people of the many nations who live in our city. Well, this year sydney’s new year’s Eve celebrations will be our best yet.

the fireworks, the lighting effects, the original music, the sound track will all announce that Sydney is back welcoming locals and visitors to an inclusive and diverse global city city is among the first cities to celebrate new years Eve. 

we’re expecting a million visitors around our harbor and we’re expecting 425 million people around the world to be watching so we’re going our celebrations will include the smoking ceremony on the harbour the projections and lighting effects on the parlands, which will continue through the night our fire works, our calling country fireworks that will honor our indigenous heritage. 

And we will watch the very beautiful brolgar dance company and listen to the music directed by calm and glin BERT Brunn and Dennis golding.

We’ll have the stunning harbor lights we’ll have the summing sydney harbor lights board parade, boat parade and at 11 PM we’ll welcome world pride 2023 to a spectacular pile on projection and lighting display.

At midnight we’ll have the world’s best fireworks. 

They’ll be launched from Sydney harbor from the opera house from barges around the harbour from four city rooftops again directed by a fortunato photin. 

They will be synchronized with a specially created soundtrack with australian musicians,

so you can join us on the harbor or you can watch it Livestream. 

We want our celebrations to be safe and we’re working with new south wales government agencies to ensure that this year, there are going to be many harbor vantage points and they will be ticketed. 

But I’m really pleased to tell you that the city of Sydney will not be charging they’re free but you’ll need to book a place at Sydney new year’s Eve. 

and so people can take over the harbor for shore and the city will have road closures and fencing and diversions to help people move around and of course, everyone’s going to be encouraged to travel on public transport .

the smith family, again, going to be our charity partner and we urge everyone to give generously. 

So sydney’s iconic fireworks are one of the most anticipated new year’s eave celebrations in the world and I hope these festivities will mark the beginning of a safe and peaceful 2023. Thank you.


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How can I watch the Sydney New Years Eve fireworks online?
You can also live stream from the ABC TV Facebook page and YouTube channel. See the Welcome to Country ceremony and Calling Country fireworks at 9pm and the midnight fireworks spectacular. All events take place in Sydney time.

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Ticketed But Free – Places to watch the 2022 Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks

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