Samsung Galaxy S6 edge receives ‘Advanced Smartphone 2015-2016′ award from EISA

The European Imaging And Sound Association has just awarded the Galaxy S6 edge the ‘Advanced Smartphone 2015-2016′ award which is a very prestigious mark of quality. EISA has several categories for awards including ‘European Headphone of the year”, ‘European Tablet of the year’, etc. Last year the award went to the LG G3 and two years ago the HTC One took the podium. EISA has been judging phones every year starting with 2005 and they always pick true quality over anything else. They also released a promotional video for the Galaxy S6 edge which highlights the device’s primary features in honor of the award.

According to EISA, the Galaxy S6 edge is one of the best mobile phones that Samsung has ever produced and this seems to be a pretty popular opinion if you take a look at the device’s history. The ‘Ultimate Test Drive’ promotion ran out of devices within 24 hours and Samsung has reported an improvement in its financial status during Q2 due to its flagship sales. The flagship device surpassed all expectations and we hope Samsung will keep improving on it with future iterations (especially when it comes to software functionality for the Edge screen.)