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5 Best Features of Galaxy S7

These are the Galaxy S7 best features that end users might not know existed brought to you by you Sydney CBD Repair Centre Team.

samsung galaxy s7


When Samsung says the Galaxy S7 is water resistant or water proof, they really mean it. Beyond a meter of depth for 30 minutes won’t kill the smartphone even the headphone jack doesn’t need to be protected. It’s IP68 certified so it means business when it comes to protection.


Samsung Galaxy S7 have a gorgeous AMOLED quad HD display which when uses the always on display feature saves battery while displaying the digital clock and notification icons even when the phone is unlocked.

Pretty useful feature for people who rely on their smartphones to give them the time of day.


Hate cables when charging? Samsung Galaxy S7 can be recharged wirelessly with the included charging dock. This is not only convenient but also faster than USB charging. This makes the Galaxy S7 one of the best smartphone with more features than ever.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 can have all your cards enrolled inside it. Yes, you won’t have to adopt a new mode of payment because your Visa and Mastercard can now be in your S7. Pay on the cashier for the things you bought by swiping the back of your smartphone and your account will be credited.

Fast and secure, Samsung Pay have the potential to change the game.


Want a really good camera for near dark situations? How about a f1.7 aperture? This will open up the Samsung Galaxy S7’s main camera wide enough to capture more light making your photos less noisy with sharp focus.

Compared to the many models in the flagship bracket, the S7 definitely have the widest aperture.

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