4 Things about the Design of Galaxy Tab S

According to the designers of Samsung’s latest tablet, Galaxy Tab S, usability/user experience was one of their top priorities. For those who are looking for a new tablet that focuses on convenient use, here are some of the features designed to meet your need.

Where is the Charger Hole?

Many of you may have experienced automatic shutdown of your tablet when watching the last part of the movie due to a low battery, which is not an ideal situation. From the consumer surveys Samsung conducted, both the engineers and designers knew that many users had their tablets turn off in the middle of watching video clips.

Galaxy Tab S 10.5” Charger Hole

The charger hole on the side of the Galaxy Tab S is unique, as most current tablets had their charger slots on the bottom of the tablet, not on the side. Therefore, placing the hole of the charger on the right side of the tablet was a simple change that made a lot of difference.

Since most users connected their chargers to the bottom of other tablets, underneath the home button, it was hard to find the right placement that maintains the balance while charging the tablet at the same time. However, the location of the charger hole of the Galaxy Tab S alone allows users to easily enjoy watching their favorite romantic comedy movie from start to finish, without having to pause for charging breaks. The side slot also adds to the overall design concept of minimalism, making for a simpler, sharper Galaxy Tab S.

Why the Squared Dotted Pattern?

Since the Galaxy Tab S embodies the next evolution in mobile display technology, the designers wanted to design a completely new pattern for the leading tablet. They also wanted a pattern that would provide the best sense of grip and usability.

Galaxy Tab S 8.4 inch & 10.5 inch Squared Dotted Pattern on the Back Panel

Their solution was the ‘squared dotted pattern.’ It was the first time developing a squared dotted pattern, thus, a new technology had to be applied. For example, the engineers and designers had to go through extensive process of trial and error to find the perfect design – the layout and the space between the dots of the pattern – that creates the sense of balance they intended for the Galaxy Tab S.

Appearance-wise, since the pattern was inspired by modern urban architecture, the tablet is in sync with modern users’ surroundings.

It is Golden.

The designers believed that color was an important factor in presenting the character of the user. Therefore, Samsung designers invented new colors for the back panel of the Galaxy Tab S.

Gold Shades on the Back Panel

Matching with the gold frame, the designers put some gold shades onto the back panel, making the tablet glisten more in the light at various angles. To achieve the optimal glossiness of the back panel, the designers tested out every glossy level. They tried out every gloss they could find at different angles to develop the shimmery effect that shines the color of the tablet in natural shades reflected from the sunlight.

Moreover, the designers endeavored to develop colors that present differently when reflected in the light at diverse angles. For example, especially when producing a white color, the designers and cooperative firms had a hard time, as the color itself was very sensitive. However, the color came out so well that everyone who participated in the development process was satisfied. This color was Dazzling White, which was, in fact, a totally different white color from the original white used in previous devices.

There is something different with the Clicker.

The designers thought that what we usually use and where we regularly visit becomes a habit and eventually becomes a part of our lives, such as attaching and detaching accessories for their devices. They realized that the Book Cover, Simple Cover, and Bluetooth Keyboard of the Galaxy Tab S will play an essential part of the experience.

The designers wanted these accessories of the Galaxy Tab S to be firm when connecting and disconnecting the accessories to the tablet while maintaining the stylish design. They played with the idea of buttoning and unbuttoning the tablet on the tablet cover. This simple and intuitive solution would allow every user to understand and do it easily. Hence, they implemented the idea and designed something somewhat similar to a button, which led to the creation of the ‘Simple Clicker.’

Attaching the Book Cover to the Galaxy Tab S with the Simple Clicker

The ‘Simple Clicker,’ Samsung’s unique click and lock method, enables the Simple Cover and Book Cover to be attached firmly to the tablet. The sound of attaching and detaching the tablet to the accessories, the clicking sound, was designed to be big so that the users would believe that the tablet is solid.

Overall, based on the users’ usability of the tablet, fashion style, diverse taste in color, and life style, it is clear that the Galaxy Tab S is a tablet that was made entirely for the convenience of the user. If you have your hands on it, it will truly feel like an extension of you, as you enjoy the ultimate viewing and most comfortable experience ever.

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