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From iPhone 3G To Apple Watch Models ! 

Broken Apple Watch Screen ?

Why You Waste Your Hard-Earn Money to Buy $1000 Over Expensive One ?

While Still You Can Use Your Loved Apple Watch Today!

Talk To Genuine Apple ⌚ Watch Specialists Now.

👍The First

Apple Watch Screen Replacement

Service Provider in Australia.

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SydneyCBDrepairCentre Team Front Smile

This is the Sydney CBD Repair Centre Team who constantly innovates to bring you Apple Watch screen repair that won’t break the bank.

Apple Watch screen repair? No other shops can do it. Sydney CBD Repair Centre is the FIRST to do it successfully. Highly-trained technicians with years of mobile device repair.

These guys are AMAZING.


Which Apple Watch do you have?

We are currently offering Apple Watch screen repair and Apple Watch screen replacement for Generation 1 and Series 1 , Series 2 and Series 3 Apple watches.

Now, There is Serious Apple Watch Screen Supply Shortage Globally! We have VERY Limited Stocks Therefore If you Really need it, Please contact us ASAP. 

Screen Replacement Availability


1st Gen

Series 1

Series 2

Series 3

Series 4


(LTE Only)

✅ 40mm


(LTE Only)

✅ 44mm

Series 3 In Stock

Why Pay More ?

LTE Version 38mm & 42mm Available
GPS Version 38mm Available
* GPS Version 42mm Out Of Stock
☎️ Fix Series 3 Watch
Series 4 In Stock
Very Limited Stocks
☎️ Fix Series 4 Watch
Series 5 Not Available

In The Future

1st Gen In Stock

Why Pay More ?

Series 1 In Stock

Still Worthy !

Series 2 In Stock

Fix It Today!

👀 See How Our Team🌻 Has Helped  People, A LOT ☺ 👀!”

Apple Watch Screen Replacement Cost

When the device gets faulty, it raises a concern for anyone. Get your faulty devices to us and we shall give them a new life. Sydney CBD Repair Centre is known for its worthy services in Apple Watch Repair in Sydney. Welcome to the world were devices to become friendly and repairing them is the simplest task. Teammates have the experience to deal with Apple watch repairing and Apple Watch Screen Replacement with efficiency.

When you see your Apple watch at a fault or when you see that its screen is broken and it needs a replacement, you may immediately think of its cost. Mind well that Sydney CBD Repair Centre deal with the minimum Apple watch repair cost and Apple screen replacement cost. We are known for the same for years. Our service is economically viable and trustworthy. It is very simple to get in touch with us. We are only a call away or you can just walk into our centre. There’s no need to book an appointment prior to walking in. Sydney CBD Repair Centre has team members who are speedy and know to deal with customers in appropriate turnaround time.

At Sydney CBD Repair Centre, Apple watch repair and Apple screen replacement are done with genuine parts. We have always believed that it is important to build customer’s trust hence whatever we do, it is 100% genuine. We also do not want to keep your Apple watch with us as far as we have the parts or the replacement screen available with us. We do it right in front of you and we do it as soon as possible. In a busy city like Sydney, no one has long hours to wait; hence we do it as soon as possible.

As stated earlier, you never have to worry about the cost. Apple watch repair cost and Apple watch screen replacement cost is done in the most economical and viable ways. Our rates are just incomparable. Our services are incomparable too. It is easy to contact us and that is what makes us approachable and widely recognizable.

Do not worry in case you come across some problems related to Apple watches, Sydney CBD Repair Centre is right here to solve all your repairing problems economically. We hope that you will be satisfied with our services and come to us wherever such problems arise. Get in touch and get assured services.

CALL 8011 4119 NOW

Get Your Broken Apple Watch Screen Fixed Today!

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OR 043 777 4119 ,

Locate Us⇒.

This Sydney CBD Shop is VERY FIRST to complete Apple Watch Screen Repair in Australia

In case you’re one the people who asks, “Can you replace Apple Watch screen?”, well then our experts have terrific information for you. Without a doubt you can and also if you’re based within Australia, you can even have it carried out for a great deal lower fee! Anyone can have Apple Watch screen replacement from Sydney CBD Repair Centre. These experts are simply the first repair shop to evaluate repair First Generation Apple Watches and has certainly successfully done this. From undertaking mobile phone repairs to dealing with smartwatches, they have constantly been the cutting edge of what’s achievable throughout modern technology.

Just how could one avail of this repair for your Apple Watch? One can easily reach them through their social media posts and inquire about a free quote. This is completely complimentary for your Apple Watch cracked screen repair. The moment one have actually chosen to get Apple Watch glass repair, and then you can head over to their shop in Sydney CBD to personally submit your Apple Watch. Their professional technicians will definitely do the Apple watch screen replacement perhaps even while you wait. These guys are the most effective in fixing exquisite sapphire glass. All trained in Korea and has definitely remained in the business of smartphone and smartwatch repair for a long time.

When it relates to Apple Watch glass replacement cost? Well, you pay for only just what was really agreed upon your preliminary quote. No hidden costs, absolutely no non-sense. Sydney CBD Repair Centre is highly reviewed in Google and FaceBook. Therefore, if you’re sill wanting to know, “Do I have Apple Watch repair near me?”, well the solution to that is yes. You will not need to go far, simply because right in the middle of Sydney CBD is one amazing repair shop who carry out honest business with premium quality, expert service for your shattered Apple Watch screen. They get Apple Watch replacement screen at the moment in stock therefore don’t lose out considering that it can run out fairly fast due to a substantial number of clients.

You can certainly call them or visit their shop for more details:

CALL 8011 4119 or 043 777 4119
Suite 201, Level 2, 661 George St, Haymarket, NSW 2000

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