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Google Clips Specifications

If you want automatic, hands-off approach in documenting your daily life, then Google Clips can be very useful. Wear it and let it take snaphots of important moments with your hands free to enjoy them.

google clips

It knows when to take a photo while using AI to know more about you.

The $249 Google Clips isn’t an action camera. It isn’t a life-logging camera, either. It’s something weirder, a showcase for Google’s AI technology that’s supposed to act as an artificially intelligent assistant that knows when to take interesting snapshots.

You can use it everyday or in social gatherings when you can’t be bothered to take your smartphone out and take a photo of things happening around you. It all does it by itself.

Points to remember

  • It is AI driven so you can’t command it when to take a shot.
  • You can manage your photos from your smartphone. It won’t be uploaded unless you want it to.
  • It’s quite expensive for $249.
google clips

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