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❤ Oppo A57: How to make battery last longer

The Oppo A57 packs a huge battery in its small unibody design. However, you can even extend its battery life by these power saving tips you can do.

Use Low Power Mode

At night, there is no point in keeping syncing of accounts, social networks on. Our suggestion is to choose Super Saving mode or power saving mode. Leaving a phone connected to wall power outlet through the night is not a safe practice as it will reduce the battery life and in some cases, overheat the phone causing damage. Charge the phone in quick bursts whenever you are near wall charger. At night, turn on battery saver mode to minimize battery drain.

  1. Go to Settings -> Battery.

  2. Enable ‘Low Power Mode’ by turning on from Battery menu.

Use DND or Do Not Disturb Mode

Last thing we need at night is to get ‘casual calls’ or ‘sudden burst of messages on social network chats like Whatsapp and Telegram. Do Not Disturb mode is one feature that will let you sleep without unwanted interruption. You can choose not to be disturbed at all or you can choose who can reach you on phone when DND is activated on phone.

ASUS has included a setting where DND is activated when there are events in your calendar. This way, you do not have to go back and forth turning DND on/off. If there is a scheduled event in calendar, DND will keep phone silent during that time.

Go to Settings -> Quiet Time.

Turn off Auto-Brightness

If you are in your room for quite some time or outside for hours, you may never want to activate auto-brightness. This uses processing power and the ambient light sensor to compensate for the light it needs to put out through the display. Turn this one off so you can squeeze out more battery life off of your battery.


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