10 Best Free Games for your iPhone 6

Android may have overtaken iOS apps in terms of number and diversity. Games are games and no matter what platform it is from, getting them for free is even better. Here’s 10 of the best for your iPhone 6.

10 Best Free Games for your iPhone 6

1. Retro Shot

With the 80’s soundtrack and bright neon colors. This game is part golf and part pinball. Scoring means getting a to a goal while getting prizes along the way.

2. Futurama: Game of Drones

A very humorous, Futurama-inspired game, Game of Drones is a bot expedition traveling through the galaxy. Deliver the correct cargo while protecting the goods against Mom’s goons to reach the next level.

3. Sparkwave

Sparkwave is a fast paced game where you guide a spark through a never ending path. Collect power ups and prizes along the way to level up and earn points.

4. Slide the Shakes

Of course! You get to slide the shakes in this game. Just pull back and wish that all your shakes drop to the correct spot.

5. Disney Crossy Road 

Derived from the original Crossy Road, Disney Crossy Road lets you enjoy the Disney worlds and characters as you cross the roads. Lion King, Zootopia, Alice in Wonderland and many more!

6. Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ

Explore the world of Kingdom Hearts before the Keyblade War in Kingdom Hearts Unchained. Create your own character, hunt down Heartless and control the limited light that exists in this dark world.

7. Tap Tap Trillionaire

Be a trader then invest in stocks, buy them low and sell them high. This real life simulation makes you experience the thrill of the Stock Market without the pressure of losing real stocks.


This addictive game makes ping pong into an endless arcade addiction. Beat all your opponents to get money and unlock characters with their court and soundtrack.

9. Looty Dungeon

Looty Dungeon lets you loot your way through dungeons with traps and huge bosses. Pick up coins to buy heroes an other items to make your next mission easier.

10. Star Harvest

Star Harvest lets you harvest energy from an supernova. To create a supernova by yourself, push some debris of planets and other materials into a star to make it blow up.