Apple’s Airpods may skip Black Friday debut

Yes, the controversial Apple Airpods is somehow playing catch up as it once again evades Black Friday for a December release.


Barclays Research also showed us today that Apple thinks that their magnificent wireless earpods, AirPods, are not yet ripe and ready so they are stalling delivery yet again. These are the same wireless earphones that customers pre-ordered for $159 which will allegedly help iPhone 7 owners cope up with the loss of the 3.5mm headphone jack.

As a reasonable response to Apple’s underperformance, some concerns were raised and requests for their pre-order cancellations are well happening. Apple need to get the idea that people are not always patient in waiting for some overpriced earphones to arrive to their mail. Some store clerk spilled some release info that Airpods will be expected to be shipped late next week.

Researchers from Barclays disagree with this early estimate of release dates. They take into considerations that factories will not start releasing them out until December. This is the holiday rush hour and will be the season for the typical binge shopping period of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It would show some estimated 10 million to 15 million units needed to suffice demand. That could leave Apple catching up to demand as it has been with its iPhone 7 Plus models this year.

With this fact, channel inventory shows that Apple finds it very hard to manage, if not to get, to get batch discounts and manufacturer competition to favor them. This means good prices for components and assembly, and Apple just can’t get some good deals recently. Its failure to keep product flowing has left customers waiting for their products week after week — shipping wait times on the iPhone 7 Plus are still at three to four weeks at this stage.

But who knows if exclusivity and prestige may keep Infinite Loop in consumers’ favor. And we’ll have to see if what information the investment firm has is good info.

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