Apple’s new Olympic ad uses some poetry

The latest Apple ad features Maya Angelou reciting ‘Human Family’ poem while a slideshow of photos and videos that are, no surprise, taken by the iPhone. Will this work?

poetic apple ad for olympics

It might be very obvious that lately, Apple’s TV ads that are also uploaded on Youtube are not commercials in praise for the iPhone or the iPad. The message for the new ads have been getting message across of what the company want their consumers to perceive the company as a whole. Being a technology first industry, Apple seems to be making some marketing experiments never been done before.

The new “Shot on iPhone” ad, seen already by many on Youtube today, pretty much gets the Cupertino giant advertising team in a very peculiar spot, but does it work? Who are they trying to please with it? First, Maya Angelou’s soft, and authoritative voice and moving words will make anyone reflect on the obvious differences and similarities of the “human family” members.

As unbelievable as it sounds, Apple uses poignant poetry to sell iPhones this time around, as well as another batch of photographs taken with iOS handhelds submitted by iFans worldwide. It’s clearly no coincidence the clip will debut on TV during the 2016 Olympic Games opening ceremony on Friday night, seeing as how it’s essentially a tribute to the diversity, equality and wholeness spirit of the international multi-sport event taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this year.

Now, it’s pretty clear why they did such an ad.