Conan O’Brien meets virtual reality for the first time

With the coolness of virtual reality games and the fun factor of a comedian combined in one video is hilarious. Join Conan as he becomes a lover in VR.


Conan O’Brien, a comedian and late night TV show host, is in one way or the other a geek. He’s no different from anyone else especially when it come to virtual reality or VR. With his latest collaboration with YouTube, he is really feigning that he isn’t – and it’s funny.

He once had a fairly great deal amount of time spent with Google Cardboard compatible app, the Conan360, which was once again a geek-oriented convention, the San Diego Comic Con for 2015 and 2016. Now, that’s fairly suggestive of Conan’s tech-savvy, yet hidden, nature.

Conan is also a video game fan which can be seen on one of his show’s part where he reviews latest console and PC game titles. Last Thursday, however, it’s not a disk for a triple A title that he’s reviewing but it’s VR. He visited New York City in Google’s YouTube Space locations.

Tom Small, the head of VR for the YouTube Spaces, guide Conan through a few virtual reality experiences. It was shown on top of a green screen so people can fully enjoy the fun-packed adventure of Conan in MR or mixed reality.

In a classic Conan twist, he again and again stated that he thinks that VR is the future of pornography and it was fun all throughout the video. Tilt Brush went awesome for him but with sexual innuendos when it comes to the moon really is funny.

It’s a funny, if outrageous eight minute showcase of what it’s like to be in VR and you can see it below.

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