Google Pixel XL is already sold out

Google Store says Pixel smartphones are on a month-long backorder with the bigger Google Pixel XL is sold out.


Want to pre-order a Google Pixel now? Well, you would have to wait extra longer if your just placing your order just now. Google Store is showing some distressing status like out-of-stock or some backorder dates for ALL variants and model of the Pixel. Is that a bad news? For the people who want to order the Pixel or Pixel XL, yes it is.

The regular Pixel is showing 4-5 weeks of shipping time in all storage tiers and color options. In the case of the Pixel XL, it’s not even possible to order it immediately. It’s out of stock. Here’s what you can do. Join the waiting list and see if you get an email notifying you if it’s available again or not.

This seems to be a good news for Google. Higher demand usually means a successful release of a new device. But it seems that the bulk is with the retailers like Best Buy and Verizon where they are usually sold with or without contracts.

Best Buy still isn’t showing an availability date for any of their Verizon units but their listings suggest there is no extraneous delay on their side. Meanwhile, Verizon is still advertising an October 20th shipment expectation.

If you wanted your Pixel unlocked and straight from Google, though, you’re in for a long wait.

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