HTC plans for more HTC Vive Cafes for next year

HTC Vive is ready for a worldwide marketing strategy for next year by making the HTC Vive more accessible through its cafes by 2017.


HTC opened their third officially branded Vive VR Cafe in Shenzhen, China. This move to establish another HTC Vive hub in China’s Silicon Valley of hardware is just the beginning of their long term plan to open more Vive cafes in 2016 to 2017.

This is what HTC China’s President of Vive Alvin Wang Graylin said in an interview. Adding that this HTC Vive cafe model is fully tested in China so expect that they’d expand internationally with possible franchising to willing clients.

“Shunwang cafes are more [like] Internet cafes converting to VR” he says, “this one is more like an arcade and social space.”

Shunwang was the company HTC had a partnership last December. They are China’s leading software provider within the country’s many gaming cafes, but Graylin says the new Vive VR Cafe in Shenzhen is in fact the result of outside investment.

HTC currently operates two other Vive VR cafe locations, one in Taipei and the other in Beijing, but Graylin says that there are currently 3000+ non-branded VR arcades in China, and according to him, they’ll be using HTC’s user-friendly Viveport Arcade management platform “to connect them and bring value to users, store owners, and developers.”

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