Lenovo Overtaking Samsung with the Bendable Cplus

Samsung may have patented the bendable display but Lenovo is revealing the Cplus and Folio that makes practical application of Samsung’s original tech very real.


Lenovo Cplus

Lenovo is set to beat Samsung in its own game by showing off a bendable smartphone that does not only bends but snaps and holds on around the wrist like a watch. Meet, Cplus.

Cplus worn on the wrist

The Cplus was the company’s presentation from last Thursday’s Tech World conference. The name may mean a lot from the shape that creates a C contour that hugs the wrist; or a phone cuff? The main features includes a 4.26-inch display in a more elongated form factor. A sound effect may be heard as the phone bends but this is just for feedback from the speaker, the phone is all fine. When fully unfolded it looks like a slap-on bracelet.

Folio Bend

Cplus was first revealed in the Tech World conference keynote, although not for official release or sale, it was a bulky prototype with the hint of modernity.

Next to be introduced was the Folio tablet. Unlike the Cplus, the Folio tablet folds into half into a paperback-sized book.

According to Lenovo CTO Peter Hortensius, the company aims to say goodbye to hinges. The ones that are seen on the Yoga convertible PC’s. In doing this, Peter also pointed out that components like the battery and motherboard will also bend or fold on the final product design. And to make this vision come true, the final product would also have to go back to its original form when unfolded. Much like what the Cplus and Folio are able to do right now.