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LG V20 FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a planning to get a LG V20 or currently own one? Do you have any questions about it? Here’s Sydney CBD Repair Team answering those queries.


What are the basic hardware features of my LG V20™?

Memory: 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, with support for expanded storage up to 2TB
Screen: 5.7 inch Extended LCD
Camera: 16 megapixel rear camera, 5 megapixel front camera
Processor: 2.15GHz Quad-core Qualcomm MSM8996
Battery: Removable 3200mAh battery
Bluetooth: v4.2

Does my LG V20 have any special features?

Yes, your LG V20 has a Second screen, which can display additional information or shortcut options.

Your LG V20 also has some of the most advanced camera features of any smartphone. It has manual controls which allow you to take professional quality photos, and also has a laser auto-focus and optical image stabilization built in.

With your LG V20 you can make purchases occasionally with just your fingerprint by setting up Fingerprint recognition, this feature also allows you to unlock your phone.

Your LG V20 is capable of opening or changing features according to where you are or what you do using Smart Settings.

What kind if applications are available for my LG V20?

Your LG V20 comes with many useful applications pre-installed, such as a web browser, a music player, a calculator, a personal organizer, a notepad, and a GPS navigation app.

You also have access to thousands of applications and games through the Google Play Store™.

Does my LG V20 come with any special applications?

Yes, your LG V20 comes with LG Smart World, which allows you to easily customize your phone with themes, wallpapers, ringtones, and sounds.
It also comes with LG Health, which helps you tracking your daily exertions such as daily steps, runs, or map your favorite routes.

Is there anything special about the camera on my LG V20™?

Your LG V20 has some of the most advanced camera features of any smartphone:

A Laser Focus for quick and precise auto-focusing
Optical Image Stabilization for more stable videos and longer shutter speeds
Manual Controls which allow you to take professional quality photos
RAW Image Support for saving unprocessed and uncompressed images

I’m not a professional photographer, will I still be able to use the camera?

Yes, the LG V20 camera has three camera configurations:

Auto is the default configuration for everyday use, with basic settings available and buttons for photo and video capture.
Manual is the advanced configuration, intended for more serious photography enthusiasts.
Use advanced camera features

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What are RAW images?

When an image is captured on a standard smartphone it is automatically processed to balance colors and lighting levels, then compressed into a JPEG or DNG format to take up less memory. This compression process removes some of the finer details of the image.

RAW images are saved with no processing or compression. This is very useful for most photographers because they can then process and balance the image themselves. They can also print the image in much larger sizes and still maintain a high level of detail, since the image has not been compressed.

Note: The LG V20 cannot display RAW images itself. When you capture a RAW image, the phone makes a copy which it processes and compresses as normal, and that is the image it will display. RAW images must be transferred to and viewed on a computer.

RAW image capture can only be used in the Manual camera configuration. To enable this feature, switch to the Manual mode, tap the Settings icon, then tap the Save as RAW switch to turn it on.

What do the Manual camera controls do?

WB (White Balance) allows you to adjust the warmth of your image colors, to compensate for various lighting conditions.
FOCUS gives you manual control of the camera focal distance.
EV (Exposure Variance) adjusts the exposure of the image to compensate for backlighting.
ISO adjusts how much light the sensor absorbs: higher settings are brighter, but grainier.
S (Shutter) allows manual control of the shutter speed: a slower speed captures more light, a higher speed prevents blurring from motion.
AE-L (Auto Exposure-Lock) freezes the current exposure levels and aperture settings, for keeping consistent exposure levels between images.

What is the battery size?

Your phone has a 3200mAh battery.

Why is my LG V20™ battery life inconsistent?

How fast your battery runs down depends on what you do on your LG V20. Features like Bluetooth®, GPS, games and web browsing put more strain on the battery than simple features like email and text messages.

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