LG says the G6 won’t be modular like the G5

The experiment failed for the LG G5, obviously. The market seem not so pleased with modular phones for now so LG is planning to make the G6 not modular too.


If there’s something LG had learned from the LG G5, that is the fact that the modular phones are not that hip anymore. It’s not winning and not what the market wants. According to Korea’s Electronic Times, LG will go back to a standard and integrated design for it’s next flagship, the LG G6. Modularity is a failure.

LG may seem to have big plans with it’s LG G5: nice modules to choose from. Batteries plus endless promised addition to an ecosystem. But it’s not just all bad stuff, there’s something to like about it too, yet more stuff also to hate. All from the modular design.

In June, consumers knew that the phone was not doing very well due to some complication of mass producing the device. Plus one major statistic – no one wants a modular phone anymore. One stat would have to be Google’s cancellation of Project Ara last September. Project Ara is the modular phone design directly marketed by Google. Again, modularity is dead. With just Lenovo’s Moto Z lineup of phones which still rocks these failing modularity concepts.

Electronic Times’ story is based on industry sources, who claim LG realized that people don’t like the complexity of swapping components, or the cost of those extra components. Instead ET reports LG will be “applying demands from its customers and markets rather than being buried in creating innovations.”

Creating innovations is all fun and games until someone gets buried!

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