Mass Production for Note 7 will Start Next Month

Starting July Samsung is reportedly going to start mass production for the Note 7 to meet demands on its announcement this August.

note 7 mass production

This is according to ETNews, this news coming from Korea, rumors the said mass production for the Galaxy Note 7. Doing so, will have initial stocks ready for August, the Note 7\’s official announcement.

Technically, the Galaxy Note 7 is the Galaxy Note 6 that was skipped in order to sync the number with Samsung\’s smartphone flagship, the S7 and S7 Edge. This also poses a good competing ground against the upcoming iPhone 7.

To prepare for the official announcement less than two months from now, Samsung is allegedly giving itself leverage by having five million units ready on the day of the launch. It is 2.5 million for July and another 2.5 million for August. The rumored Galaxy Note 7 will most likely also have a dual-edge display much like what the Galaxy S7 Edge have right now.

The rumors for the Note 7 also includes a great change in overall appearance. So much excitement surrounds this monstrous productivity device.