Meet the Asus VR Headset

During the Computex Taipei, in the Asus booth is a VR headset all laden with leather straps that looks like a ZenWatch. Is this a VR headset from the tech giant?

Asus VR Headset

Asus hasn’t announced in their laptop and phone announcement about their VR headset but when going around the Asus booth is a unique headset behind a display glass. It’s named as the “Asus VR” with zero explanation of what it actually is. The device sports leather straps which resembles a ZenWatch that is targeted more to fashion than for technology.

The company thinks augmented reality is more interesting than VR and have been publicly open about it. In addition, it will be releasing an AR headset in 2016. If any of these are planned or in the works, nothing was confirmed at Computex.