Moto Mods ads targets Apple and Samsung

Skip the Seven is definitely for the Galaxy S7, Note 7 and the new iPhone 7. So what’s Motorola aiming for their aggressive ad campaigns?


Motorola, after its acquisition to Lenovo, is now well-known to many as just Moto. It even claims that Samsung stole the whole Always On Display feature which the Korean giant used on most of its flagship smartphones in the past few months. This allegations took place around a month ago which came off as a desperate move for Moto, bitter even.

Moto Z even continues its rampage to the already troubled Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It says that Samsung is not complying to “the highest standards in quality and testing”. This, without doubt, pertains to the defective Note 7 batteries. This may sound true but to have a competitor ganging on to the already down competition backfired to Motorola. It just doesn’t fell right.

In a follow up pursuit to this aggressive marketing, Motorola released the “Skip the Sevens” advertising program. In this video, Motorola admits that incremental improvements isn’t enough to wow the current consumers so they invite iPhone fans to see an iPhone prototype to see something new and different.

Namely, the Moto Z with Moto Mods, which “reimagines what the smartphone can be”, unlike all those “new” 7-branded devices that aren’t very different from old, 6 or 5-labeled products.

Moto is looking at Samsung there, but also and especially Apple, uploading a promo clip on YouTube starring a focus group of iLoyalists who were quickly impressed by “iPhone prototypes” which turned out to be modular Moto Z copies. Apple and Samsung users are also “directly engaged” in full-page print and digital ads, with more likely to come as part of the same compelling Skip The Sevens campaign.

Will this stunt propel Moto Z forward? With the new iPhone 7 out, it will be tested and confirmed if this aggressive ads and campaigns can really push a product ahead.

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