Nintendo NES Classic comes pre-installed with 30 games

No more cartridges. It connects to your TV. 30 pre-installed Nintendo Games. Just $60. Very small. What more can you ask for?

nintendo nes classic

The mini NES console from Nintendo is a mix of modern technology and the old school nostagia. With the modern compatibility of your TV, this little device has more pros and cons especially to avid Nintendo gamers. First, it’s not gonna connect to the internet. Downloading games won’t be a thing since the console will just be a standalone device. Games will be pre-installed from the 30 choices pre-loaded to the device. It will connect to a television via HDMI and will sport a classic NES gamepad. Coming out on November 11 for just $60, this is a console to watch out for.

“The console is a standalone device, so it cannot connect to the internet or any external storage devices. The 30 games included with the system were chosen to provide a wide variety of top-quality, long-lasting game-play experiences,” a Nintendo representative said.

The device’s lid does not open either, so old cartridges are off the table.

The mini NES is not a really bad deal for the money, in fact it is saving you money with all the 30 games that comes with it. 30 games times $4.99 is a whopping $149.70. Great deal for a great device.