No More Low-End OnePlus Smartphones

There’s the OnePlus One, 2 and 3. All flagship smartphones. There’s also a OnePlus X. A low-spec version of the flagships. Well, OnePlus says NO to another X in the future.

OnePlus X

OnePlus 3 is the latest offering from the same company that shook the smartphone market by making flagships on the lowest prices. It just costs $399 but the company won\’t make any more smartphones lower than that price point. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau told from the OnePlus 3\’s launch that the company will not release a newer version of the cheaper OnePlus X. It will dedicate its research and development on true flagships in the future.

The controversial OnePlus X debut just a year ago. It was well-designed body with glass and ceramic. It also got features that are truly impressive at a $249 price point. However, its greatest weakness is its lack of LTE support which is a deal breaker for customers in the US. This decision may have proven once again that it is indeed harder to make some considerable progress in the low end smartphone market.