Now, a Faster Google Search App for iOS

The Google Search app for a different platform, specifically the iOS, just got an update that allegedly brought some new speed to the popular search app. How good was this update anyway?

Google Search for iOS

Google updated its Google Search App for iOS today that claims to give new speed improvements and performance optimizations that will save users of approximately 6.5 million hours this year. That incredible number of time saved is due to the faster search and loading times of each page.

The noticeable speed difference will also be apparent to news articles that will load a lot faster. Google\’s Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is the company\’s answer to Facebook\’s Instant Articles which is also built into the app itself. These AMP optimized pages will be indicated with a lightning bolt icon on top sections on the primary search results.

Also, Google added video highlights for users to select Google Now cards for NBA and NHL games. Google for iOS is now available for download from the App Store.