OneDrive Free Storage Drop Down to 5Gb

Effective on July 29, Microsoft is gonna strip you off of your free bonus free storage to just 5Gb. So better start offloading some files from your device.

onedrive 5gb free storage

Microsoft in it\’s great (sarcasm) move to reduce freebies for its users has disappointed many loyal users of OneDrive. The 15Gb free plan and the 15Gb camera roll bonus is going away on July 29 leaving users with just 5Gb free online storage.

By July 29, all free storage spaces will be not eligible for file uploads but files can still be accessed if you want to. Failure to backup within a year and your files may be deleted for good.

This poses a lot of problems. This means that if you have more than 30Gb total free online storage then you\’d have to download them all on a local drive, incur some data charges, consume disk space on your device. On the other hand, if these cloud files are not so important at all, then deleting them is also a great option to solve the problem.

Google Drive can be a great alternative with its bigger 15Gb cloud storage option where you can migrate all your OneDrive files. But on a proactive approach, buying cloud storage from Microsoft is even better.