OnePlus 3 Price Hike for UK caused by Brexit

This was no surprise as the Brexit gets signed the tech industry is getting its share of hikes and price changes, including the recently released OnePlus 3.


oneplus 3 price hike

Following the signing of the UK’s exit from the EU or Brexit is one of tech industry’s first price hike: the OnePlus 3. It is primarily blamed on the weakening of the pound against the dollar. So starting July 11, OnePlus 3 will be at £329 from £309.

“Given the effects of the unstable markets on our extremely thin margins, we’re reluctantly going to have make some small changes to our pricing structure for the device.

“In practical terms for our customers, this means that from July 11, 2016 (that’s next Monday), the OnePlus 3 will be £329 in the UK.”

The company had warned its loyal customers beforehand of the pending price hike in the UK due to its fallout from the Brexit campaign. This made little surprises. But for customers who are worried about the prices of the OnePlus 3 in other countries, prices will still be the same.

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