OnePlus 3 Priced at $350 with a Million Units Ready for Sale

The invite system for the OnePlus 3’s officially gone. The Chinese startup company have claimed it have no less than 1 million units in stock ready for sale. Is this the year the OnePlus 3 deserved its name the “flagship killer”?

OnePlus 3 for 350 Dollars

OnePlus 3 or the “flagship killer” will start its debut on June 14 with the invite system totally gone. This means that anyone can order the new smartphone from the company anytime. If it’d be the sign that the startup have totally matured and can cover the bulk orders worldwide is still yet to be proven.

It is expected that with all the hype and the previous generation’s reputation from the OnePlus lineup, plus the open to all order system, the number of orders will rise dramatically. Another factor to consider for this increase is the price. For just $350 and up, the OnePlus 3 may the bang for buck smartphone to date. Considering that it has features of a flagship.

With the initial price means that it’s for the entry level configuration of the OnePlus 3. For the price, it’s a 32Gb internal storage and a 4Gb of RAM. A 64Gb of internal storage with 4Gb version can cost $380 and a 6Gb version equates to $425.

But wait, another configuration may be up with just 32Gb of internal storage and 6Gb of RAM for just $410.

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