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Oppo R9 FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a planning to get an Oppo R9 or currently own one? Do you have any questions about it? Here’s Sydney CBD Repair Team answering those queries.


What are the screen-on gestures available on device?

The on-screen gestures are the gestures that work when the screen is on. By heading in to the settings of the device and tapping on the option – Gestures and Motions you see multiple options. Slect the Screen-on gestures and we can find options like Activate the camera with multi-fingers, that lets the user to activate the camera directly by pinch close with multiple fingers. There is an option of Double tap to lock the screen that will lock you device at any interface by double tapping the Home key.

Gesture Screenshot lets you to take a screenshot quickly by sliding up and down with three fingers. Adjust volume with two fingers lets you to adjust the volume by sliding up and down with two fingers. Apart from these there is a Single handed operation to launch or exit the single hand operations just swipe left to right or right to left from bottom. These are some awesome gestures available on Oppo R7 Lite that will be very much useful to its users.

What are the screen-off gestures available on the device?

The off-screen gestures are the gestures that are used when the screen is off. On Oppo R7 Lite we can double tap anywhere on the screen to wake it up, there is also an option to draw O to start the camera and you can customize your gesture by adding in the option provided. To get access to these off-screen gestures, we need go to the settings of the device and select the option Gestures and Motions.

How to change the font on the device?

To change the font size on Oppo R7, head to the settings of the device and go to the device option. Here you can see an option called as Font listed at the bottom that has to be tapped, now you get the option of changing the font size of the device. More over the user has the option of four sizes that can be selected accordingly. There is also a provision to change the Font type but the fonts have to be downloaded online.

What is eye protection display and how to use it?

Eye protections display is the new feature that we can see only with ColorOS system. This feature filters out the blue light emitted by most of the smartphones and creates a soothing screen display, which is easier on the eyes. The blue light can be filtered out by different protection levels that can be activated from Low, Medium and High options. This display can be switched on from the settings option of the phone and tap on the display and then select on Eye protection display.

Are there any LED notification lights on the device?

Yes, there us a LED light notification light available on Oppo R7 front side of the device that will light up whenever there is a message notification or a missed call, when the screen in off. This LED light will also notify the user when the battery of the device is less than 10% and also while charging the device. This LED notifications lights help the users by notifying them whenever there is a message or a call that has been missed.

How much is the battery on Oppo R7?

The Oppo R7 has a non-removable Li-Po 2320 mAh battery. This battery is placed under the cover that cannot be removed. This should be a decent enough battery to last an entire’s day charge.

Oppo Screen Replacement

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Oppo Repair


What are the color options available for Oppo R7?

The device will be available in two colors options – Golden and silver that gives the device more elegant look. This enables the users an option to choose from. Sometimes customers are more obsessed with colors and like having more choices.

Does the device support OTG?

Yes, this device supports OTG drive that lets you transfer data from the smartphone to an external drive or vice versa. This is an easy way to transfer data without much fuss, and you just need a File Manager application to exchange data.

Will the Oppo R7 get Android Marshmallow 6.0 Update?

As of now, there is no word from the company about the Marshmallow 6.0 update on Oppo R7, and we don’t think that it will be coming any soon. Since it is a midrange device, it will be getting the update only after all the high-end devices receive the update.

What are the smart call options available on the device?

Smart call options let its user to easily dial a number from our contacts or messages just by placing the phone near your ear. There is Auto answer by motion feature that answers a call automatically when you bring the phone near to the ear. Simillarly, when on a call on speaker it switches to receiver when the device is brought close to the ear. To mute the calls quickly, just flip the device and the device will be muted easily.

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