Pixel smartphone render photos leaked

With the end of the Nexus era, a sneak peek of the Pixel smartphone that will replace it. For around $650, is the Pixel smartphone worth it?


It’s barely a week from now that Google will finally announce its newest batch of smartphones. Fortunately for us, we won’t have to wait that long to see what these shiny new Pixel smartphones would look like. VentureBeat just got some photos for us to marvel at. If you didn’t know, Pixel will replace the Nexus smartphones that Google have been manufacturing with various OEMs over the years.

What to expect from Pixel?

According to Android Police, these are the rundown of the Pixel smartphones that will be released next week:

  • Pixel X
    • 5-inch smartphone to replace last year’s LG-made Nexus 5X (pictured above)
    • price may start around $650
  • Pixel XL
    • 5.5-inch model that will supplant the Huawei-produced Nexus 6P.

Both phones are said to represent a new philosophy at Google’s phone division, which is aiming to be more “opinionated” about the software and hardware of its handsets in the words of CEO Sundar Pichai.

These leaked image doesn’t really show much about the new Pixel models but it tells us that some Nexus philosophies are carried over to the new Pixel models. Simplicity with very stripped down, no non-sense approach device. We can see a barebones version of Android layered on a device that looks as if it borrows here and there from the existing Nexus 5X and the iPhone 7.

Google was not very vocal about the upcoming event but a noticeable spike of marketing activity in their part is very surprising to see since Google is not the type for aggressive marketing. Just look at the mammoth building-sized advertisements in Germany, and even a statue in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Pixel smartphones will be released on October 4 so watch out for a more in-depth specs.