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What is PlayStation VR?

PlayStation VR is the very much awaited virtual reality headset from Sony and will rival the major players like the Vive and Rift. But is PSVR any good?


The PlayStation VR or the PSVR will be used with a PlayStation 4 gaming console. Being an addition to the Sony gaming ecosystem, this will be bound to support DualShock 4 controllers or the Playstation VR’s Move controllers.

However, like most existing virtual reality headsets, the PlayStation VR can output a picture through the headset and a television or monitor all at the same time. This can be that the monitor or tv mirrors the headset’s perspective or it can show a separate point of view in the case of multiplayer gameplay.

The PlayStation VR has a 5.7 inch OLED panel, with an RGB sub-pixel matrix resolution of 1080p, or 960 × 1080 × RGB per eye. The headset also has a processor box which enables the Social Screen video output to the television, as well as process the 3D audio effect, and uses a 3.5mm headphone jack. The headset also has 9 positional LEDs on its surface for the PlayStation Camera to track 360 degree head movement, and connects to the PlayStation by HDMI or USB.

PlayStation VR is Coming Soon

The Sony PlayStation VR is yet to be released and we’ll definitely give you a run down of the specifications and reviews once it is available.

PlayStation VR Game List

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