Watch and Learn: PlayStation VR Setup Guides

Do you want a PlayStation VR headset for your PS4? Then get schooled with these new video setup guides from Sony to prep you up for your next package.


If you’re already a tech-savvy or just a pure-blooded gamer, then the PlayStation VR setup is easy piecey for you. with those proprietary wires and system/space requirements to meet, you will be in a mess if you don’t have the know-how to even put two things together.

That’s why Sony released a very detailed video series for those who might need some serious SOS when they already have their PS VR by Christmas.

The company released this quick and easy three part series today so that players can get up and running ASAP when the kit launches on Thursday.

  • Part 1 gives you a virtual unboxing
  • Part 2 shows you what to actually do with the things you’ll find inside
  • Part 3 tells you how to setup your play area so that it’s both safe and suitable

PlayStation VR Setup Tutorial Part 1

[cleveryoutube video=”wW8tPJQhNHo” style=”1″]

PlayStation VR Setup Tutorial Part 2

[cleveryoutube video=”A1npIGhYqMk” style=”1″]

PlayStation VR Setup Tutorial Part 3

[cleveryoutube video=”0j6Yg3ddHkU” style=”1″]