PlayStation VR tracking problems due to light issues

Sony have been receiving feedback that there are some issues with the PS VR tracking. Their solution? Maybe you could just turn the lights off.


Sony just have a bright idea to solve a problem, turn off the lights.

Last week, the PlayStation VR have been reviewed by many enthusiasts and tech junkies and received awesome positive feedbacks. Not all. Some have flagged issues with tracking from the headset or its controllers.

Sony had a very comprehensive page for frequently asked questions about the upcoming VR headset with detailed answers on how to properly setup the entire system. The most relevant question would be if a room has to be dark for the PS VR to work properly. Sony said it wouldn’t affect the gameplay, however, bright light sources positioned directly behind a player or coming from windows or room lights CAN.

Also watch out about reflected lights from mirrors or shiny metallic objects. Although these surfaces will be fine most of the time, the PlayStation Camera can get confused if it can see other reflections of light from multiple sources.

Things you can do to avoid these issues:

  • Close the curtains.
  • Turn off the lights.

Lights behind you or from any shiny objects can distract the PlayStation Camera.

Yes, it would be very difficult if your room is not dedicated for VR gaming, like your living room for example. It would be a little off and weird but at least you will be able to maximize the tracking ability of your PlayStation VR. You’d also not be able to tell the difference if you’re already wearing the headset but just make sure people around you know what you are up to.

Sony’s response to this (in their own words):

Ambient lighting will generally not affect PS VR gameplay. Bright light sources directly behind the person using PS VR, lights coming in from windows and room lights, and lights reflecting off mirrors can interfere with the PS Camera and interrupt the tracking of the LED lights on the headset. It is recommended to eliminate bright light sources behind the PS VR player.

If PS VR takes off we’d certainly like to see Sony make strides to improve tracking, either through system software updates or hardware additions.

PlayStation VR is launching this Thursday, October 13th.