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How to easily catch a Pokemon?

Got the app. Got the game theories straight. Got your outdoor gear on. You are ready to catch your Pokemon. Here’s how.

pokemon go training

Are you confused when you first went Pokemon hunting around your neighborhood? Tracking down, finding and catching Pokemon is really not that tricky and just need some proper technique done just right in order to get past the guessing game you play just to find a Pokemon Pikachu in your backyard. Here’s a Pokemon wiki of techniques to consider.


perspective pokeball

Pokemon GO Technique #1

pokemon go footprints

Master the Pokemon app interface. By clicking on the lower-right bar, you’ll see a list of different nearby Pokemon profiles. Their distance from you is indicated by a set of footprints. Three-footprint Pokemon are quite far away, while zero-footprint Pokemon are right on top of you-they may take a few seconds to spawn. Your phone may vibrate when nearby.

You can successfully track specific Pokemon if you keep your eye on the Nearby Pokemon list. The nearest Pokemon will be on the top left spot of the list. Walk a few feet to know if you are near to your desired Pokemon. If the foot prints increased to 3, that means you’re in the wrong direction so changing course is needed.


perspective pokeball

Pokemon GO Technique #2

Pokemon Go Trainers

Observe your surroundings. If you see a crowd of Trainers gathered and intensely staring at their Pokemon GO device, odds are they’re catching a rare Pokemon. It can be your chance to have a rare one if you try to catch one too.

perspective pokeball

Pokemon GO Technique #3

pokemon go incense

Use the Incense. The Incense Item helps draw Pokemon closer to you. Placing a Lure Module at a PokeStop will work even better, plus every Trainer in the vicinity of the PokeStop will also receive the benefits for 30 minutes. Using Incense surrounds your Trainer with pink-purple smoke. PokeStops affected by a Lure Module will be surounded by what appears to be cherry blossom petals.


perspective pokeball

Pokemon GO Technique #4

pokemon go catch

Catch as efficiently as possible. Once you’ve tracked down a Pokemon, you’ll see it on the map within your vicinity. Tap on it to initiate the capture sequence! You need get close, then flick your Pokeball with perfect timing to maximize your chances of a successful capture.

If AR is enabled, keep the Pokemon centered on your screen, holding your phone as still as possible. Use a gentle fingertip swipe in a straight line toward your target. You want to time your toss so that the ring around the Pokemon is contracted to its smallest when you connect. Green is best, yellow more difficult, and red a very difficult capture.

To make the capture process easier, you can switch off AR/camera mode in Pokemon Go. You can continue to walk and try to capture the Pokemon, but if you lose connection to the server in low-signal areas, you may lose the Pokemon.

Pokemon Combat Power (CP) and your Trainer Level effect the chances of a capture.


perspective pokeball

Pokemon GO Technique #5

pokemon go pokeballs

If you have the Poke Balls for it, catch as many Pokemon as you can! Doing so rewards you with XP to level up your Trainer; and Candy and Stardust that can be used to strengthen and evolve your Pokemon. Running low on Poke Balls? Visit some PokeStops to stock up, or click on the the Shop to buy more. 


Want to see the entire library of Pokemon? Here’s a Pokedex for you!


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