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Galaxy Note 2 Full Specifications: An Overview

Some call it the super-sized Samsung Galaxy S3, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was just more than that. A wider screen. A more powerful processor. A bigger battery. All departments are just bigger but was it better? Find out what it’s made of.

Did you know?

  • Note 2 is also known completely as Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2


First of the Note lineup, Samsung Galaxy S2 have a smooth and shiny plastic back plate. Sides are of plastic but captures the attention of being chrome painted to look like metal.

  • Dimensions: 151.1 x 80.5 x 9.4 mm (5.95 x 3.17 x 0.37 in)
  • Weight: 183 g (6.46 oz)


Bigger Battery

The power is now a monstrous, removable, 3100mAh lithium-ion battery. For the power users and road warriors alike, this means a whole day of use without worries of dashing to the charger for a recharge.

Android Jellybean OS

Users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can upgrade to Android version 4.4.2 Kitkat because Note3 comes out of the box with Android version 4.1.1 Jellybean.

Expandable Storage

If you think a 16Gb, 32Gb, or a 64Gb model is not enough to store your files, music and apps, then worry not because Samsung Galaxy Note 2 allows for expandable storage using a standard microUSB card with support up to 64Gb.

Advanced Camera

Camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a 8mp sensor with aperture that can open up to f/2.6. Crispy and vibrant photos even in moderate to low light situations. The front camera is a 1.9mp.

Autofocus, LED flash, touch focus, face and smile detection – it’s all in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Super AMOLED Display

Right at the fore-front of the Note 2 is the gorgeous super AMOLED quad HD display. Towering to 5.5 inches, no one can deny the fact that 720×1280 resolution is one of a kind to say the least. Consumers may not find that much content on the gigantic screen but texts and images are much bigger.

With its 286 pixels per inch, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is truly high res.

Quad Core CPU

RAM capacity is a whopping 2Gb but this quad-core powered device delivers a smooth user experience, discounting lag and hiccups in gaming and video playback.

  • Exynos 4412 Quad
    • Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A9
    • Mali-400MP4

Full Sensors

Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer

These are the sensors present at your disposal and ready to make the most of your new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. They make you secure, save more battery life, protects your smartphone and of course, you.

Advanced Connectivity

The Wi-Fi antenna on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 supports all kinds of bandwidths with Bluetooth 4.0 to make data transfers and connecting to things that matters to you even faster.

Hi-Fidelity Audio

One of the most advanced, well-praised speakers on any device today, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 brings you the crisp and detailed sound for the audiophile in you.

It makes listening to your favorite music in lossless file format (FLAC) easy even out of the box.

High Quality Video

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can record Full HD video files on 30 frames per second. A very good format especially for easy editing on the build in video and photo editor. Smaller formats are also ideal for online sharing and email attachments.

S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is all about the S-pen. This can act as a note taking device or a more accurate tool to emulate finger gestures like tapping or typing on the screen.

Once you pull the S-pen out, Air command gives you 4 options with mainly taking a screenshot in 3 different modes and one mode for running a quick note on top of your currently running app.


Click the button to learn more about the features of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Comes in a Variety of Colors

There are four color choices to choose from: titanium gray, marble white, amber brown, ruby wine, pink, blue. All gorgeous designs to have the device that goes with your style and personality.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Need Help with Your New Samsung Galaxy Note 2?

Accidents can happen to any smartphone but is not a cause to panic because our technicians at Sydney CBD are here to help!

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