Samsung Sales for the 2nd Quarter Blooms with the S7

Banks are on to the accounting sheets as they project what the profit margin of Samsung for the second quarter of this year. Samsung is yet to release the official report.

samsung sale gets boost

First quarter (January to March): $5.7 billion

Second quarter (April to June): $6.8 billion (projected)

Banks are on to the betting game of what Samsung\’s operating profit this quarter. The primary factor for this optimistic and flourishing sales is their ever popular Galaxy S7. The consumers are even more keen to try out Android with the marketing and form factor allure of Samsung\’s flagship device.

Yuanta Securities is estimating about $44 billion in sales revenue with that resulting $6.8 billion profit target. Other firms’ projections begin from at least $6.4 billion. Samsung’s consumer electronics unit saw a gain in profit margin to 4.8 percent in the first quarter.

Samsung will report earnings in about a month’s time.