Samsung’s Mirror Display is Now for Hair Salon Use

Samsung Mirror Display used in Hair Salon

Samsung has proven once again the commercial potential of having wider displays on their first installation of Mirror Displays.

We have seen Samung TV’s, 4K TV’s and computer monitors, transparent OLED displays, and even bendable phone screens, but Mirror Displays are something new. A hair salon in South Korea have installed 4 55-inch Mirror Displays that acts as a mirror and a sort of TV. This keeps the clients entertained as they get their hair cut while seeing info of various hair color and styles on the wide screen.

When not in use, these wide Mirror Displays simply serves as a conventional mirror. Samsung is planning to expand it’s consumer base to many creative fields such as in businesses specializing in fashion, furniture, interior design, and retail. When they start to produce and sell these starting by July this year, it is expected to be a major hit even to regular consumers.

Using various technology can extend the use case scenarios that Mirror Displays will be even more useful. For example on providing a direct interface to customers with menus and services that they can reserve or choose from the Mirror Display.