The Note 7 May have an Iris Scanner After All

After the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris in India, Samsung may have even more reasons to integrate this useful and successful feature to the next Note.

Note 7 Iris Scanner

Passcode, fingerprint scanner, and the iris scanner can be Samsung\’s next big thing! Images have leaked of the Note 7 having an option in the Settings app to activate iris authentication. A few weeks ago, the Galaxy Tab Iris was released in India with the same hardware and feature. Will the Galaxy Note 7 have the same feature in the works?

Various OEM have had some experiments with the technology. Microsoft had the Windows Hello that brought iris scanning to Windows 10 Mobile. ZTE, on the other hand, also spent some time with the iris scanner. Samsung, with its known expertise in this field of technology can lead the way to develop another way of securing our devices.