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?Vivid Sydney 2018 – KNOWER ?

Vivid packages that you may want is a tour of the city or a treat on a Vivid Sydney cruise, but do you fancy some chill time while listening to music? Vivid Sydney today or this year even offers different spots that you can go to for not a lot of money. KNOWER is one of them.

Enjoy your visit and stay at the best hotels for Vivid Sydney as you get set for Vivid Sydney’s June events. Come and enjoy what Sydney has for you.

Knower Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney tours may give you a good view of the entire city for the festivities. However, if you’re an aural type of person, you’d probably care about the sound of the place too. Here’s KNOWER with their unique take on what music for Vivid Sydney should be.

What dates is this on? June 6

What time does this Vivid event start? 7:30PM-11:35PM

Where can this be found? Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204

How much are the tickets for this Vivid installation? Prices starts at $40

Sydney Improvised Music Association (SIMA) presents:

(Full Band)
First Australian Show
“KNOWER stretches the boundaries between jazz, funk and sanity” – LA Weekly

Every now and then a group of musicians get together to form a band that combines their own diverse musical backgrounds to create an almost entirely new genre. KNOWER are just such a group, a searing duo from Los Angeles spearheading a new musical movement. For the first time in Australia, the acclaimed drummer-producer Louis Cole and the remarkable singer Genevieve Artadi will appear with a truly all star band.

Currently touring their fourth album Life (2016), KNOWER opened for The Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2017 and continue to take over with their hard-hitting funk, cool chords, deep melodies and funky vocals into an incredibly imaginative off-world experience. An entirely DIY act since their formation in 2010, KNOWER’s viral videos, discography and live visual experience have become an international internet phenomenon.

Clocking millions of views, their live “band house sesh” hit over 3.5 million views in a week. Quincy Jones best sums up why you can’t miss them, “KNOWER WILL BE LEAVIN’ YA’LL ON YOUR KNEES, BEGGIN’ FOR MORE.”

For their first ever Australian show at The Factory KNOWER will be joined by some of Sydney’s finest young jazz musicians in Sarah Belkner with Matt Keegan and the Dingbats?! featuring Ollie Thorpe, Tim Curnick and Tully Ryan.

Genevieve Artadi – Vocals
Louis Cole – Drums
Rai Thistlethwayte – Keys/Jacob Mann – Keys
Sam Wilkes – Bass

With SARAH BELKNER – feat Matt Keegan and the DINGBATS?! feat Ollie Thorpe, Tim Curnick and Tully Ryan


Vivid Sydney 2018

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