?Vivid Sydney 2018 – Skyportal ?

Best Vivid locations that you can visit and enjoy for free is Skyportal. Be taken away by realistic projections that will become the best of your Vivid Sydney tonight. You can also check out your Vivid light walk map if you want to get something paired to Skyportal. Maybe you can pass by other Vivid highlights.

Skyportal will be the first of its kind to be open to the public with great suprises in store for those who wanted to get a full immersive experience of being in a different dimension. This is indeed the best way to see Vivid Sydney 2018.

skyportal vivid sydney

Looking for a scenic Vivid Sydney walk? Take yourself to the sky with Skyportal, Vivid Sydney best spot for limitless imagineers like you.

What dates is this on? May 25 – June 16

What time does this Vivid event start? 5:30PM-11PM

Where can this be found? 436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067

How much are the tickets for this Vivid installation? Free

It all begins at the Chatswood Interchange, where you will be transported to an alternate reality, through an interactive video experience.

Walk under the giant screen that hangs 10 metres overhead, and see yourself mirrored above, transported to another time and place.

Swim in the Barrier Reef, wander among icebergs, walk along a dry river bed or negotiate a wetland. Capture a holiday moment right in the heart of Chatswood, as you explore these spectacular places that are rapidly changing.

Stay a while and enjoy dinner or dessert or both with 13 different dining options and loads of space perfect for the whole family. At The District, you will travel to a world of taste under one roof plus it is open to 11 pm daily.


Vivid Sydney 2018

Weekdays: 10am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 6pm
Sunday : Closed

After Business Hours, By Appointment only.

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