Vivid Sydney 2019: Best Wildlife Displays in Circular Quay 🐉🦍

On the start of Vivid Sydney 2019 on May 24th, Circular Quay has spawned giant light creatures that will dazzle your eyes. As it ends on June 15, don’t let the opportunity go to experience the wildlife display of Circular Quay.

Here’s a list of the must-see attractions all for free.

the marine turtle vivid sydney 2019 hotspots

The Marine Turtle

24 May – 15 Jun 6pm – 11pm

Address:Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000

Combining LED lighting and control technology, state of the art 3D design software, mechanical flippers, artisanal steel, fabric and working talents of traditional Chinese Lantern makers. Ample Projects created this entirely hand made Sea Turtle in 2016 for Taronga Conservation Society’s Centenary Year Parade, and the award winning Taronga Vivid Sydney Precincts 2016 – 2019.

Re-skinned in custom printed fabrics inspired by the drawings of NSW school kids in 2018, Ample’s majestic Sea Turtle highlights the extraordinary beauty of these endangered species, and the delicate balance that must be protected in our ocean ecosystems and habitats.

From the ancient geology of the Aussie Bush to a single tree in an urban jungle, across the expansive deep blue of our oceans and seas to the rich forest ecosystems of wild Sumatra. This Vivid Sydney, Taronga Zoo is shining a Lights For the Wild. We share this planet with some amazing wildlife. However, right now, their wild homes are under threat and they need our help more than ever.

the regal peacock

The Regal Peacock

24 May – 15 Jun 6pm – 11pm

Address:Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000

The peacock has been admired throughout history and across cultures all over the globe. In India, he was associated with the God of War. He was revered through ancient Persia, Babylonia, Burma, ancient Greece and China. We all marvel as a real-life peacock puts on a show by fanning his tail feathers.

This Regal Peacock is a kinetic light sculpture that celebrates this unique and majestic bird, embodying the mystique and curiosity held around its species. Using kinetic mechanics, the bird playfully interacts with its audience through sound, movement and light animations. Hand illustrated graphics of the peacock’s eye-catching plumage clad his body and tail.

Spreading his brightly coloured, illuminated feathers wide, the Regal Peacock dazzles his audience. Visitors are invited to move along to his colour, movement, sound and light.

the bin chickens

Bin Chickens

24 May – 15 Jun 6pm – 11pm

Address:Circular Quay, Sydney NSW 2000

We glorify, imitate, pay tribute to and immortalise almost every aspect of Sydney through art – its landmarks, stunning environment, its people and its rich history are frequently subjects of visual art in all its forms. Upon reflection however, we realised that we hadn’t included one of our most prized, beloved, majestic and truly unique birds – the humble Bin Chicken.

Lesser known as the White Ibis, the Bin Chicken is long overdue for a place in the arts scene. Defiantly rising from prominent Sydney features such as bins, palm trees and roadside gutters, our tribute to this king of all birds is realised by metres of brilliant off-white LED neon, in much the same way that the animals present themselves in stunning variations of not-quite-really-white.

Join us in raising a glass, a handful of chips or by simply running away in terror – as the artists used to do as children – as we present a salute to Sydney’s unofficial mascot.