Watch Vivid Sydney Fireworks!

Witness for yourself the grand fireworks display that makes Vivid Sydney one of the world’s brightest and loudest festival. These Vivid Sydney Fireworks from the years past are worth a look this time of year.

This is a video taken from the side of the Darling Harbour which can also be seen from the cruise ship vessels that pass by. The music and rhythm are in perfect harmony to create a Vivid Sydney fireworks that pulls you right into the mood and make your neck crane upwards toward the sparkling night sky.

Lighting the Sails – Vivid Sydney 2016

Lighting the Sails

Oracle–Liquid presents the Vivid Laser-Fountain Water Theatre that combines computer-controlled fountain jets and spirals, rainbow lasers and dancing flames, choreographed together in a glorious symphony of light and music to a soundtrack devised by Sydney’s electric music gurus, The Presets.

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This is an older video from 2013 of the Darling Harbour. Each year a new technique and style is used to improve the Vivid Sydney fireworks and finally becomes the modern spectacle that we are familiar of today. Wonder what firework displays are in store for you this year? Visit Vivid Sydney and see for yourself!

10 Cruise Vessels for Harbour Lights in Vivid Sydney 2016

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