Xiaomi and Microsoft Signed Cross-Licensing for Apps

The future of both companies seem to look brighter with their new team-up. Xiaomi and Microsoft signed a patent for cross-licensing on Xiaomi’s apps with Microsoft’s own trademarks apps. Is this a good news?


Xiaomi and Microsoft Deal

Microsoft and Xiaomi have recently announced their deal on pre-installing Skype and Microsoft Office on Xiaomi Android phones and tablets. These future devices that will be released in September 2016 will be a result of a cross-license patent portfolios that both companies signed. All apps included in the patent were not entirely showed.
Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra tweeted about this and was then announced in a press release from Microsoft. The senior vice president of Xiaomi, Xiang Wang said,

“We are excited to be working closely with Microsoft on a broad technology collaboration partnership. As demonstrated by this agreement with Microsoft, Xiaomi is looking to build sustainable, long-term partnerships with global technology leaders, with the ultimate goal of bringing the best user experience to our Mi fans.”

Microsoft have made the same deals with other smartphone manufacturers in the past. Most well-known partners of the same patent was Samsung with their flagship Galaxy S6 onwards.

Looking it in a proper perspective, Microsoft’s strategy of “mobile first” surely motivated them to strike deals such as these. Making their apps available right out of the box for users gives them an advantage compared to other third party developers. Xiaomi can use this as a leverage to expand distribution and dealership on Europe and North America. The Chinese company have been successful to most of Asia, India and Brazil.