Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is bigger than anything

The next Mi Note from Xiaomi will be bigger in terms of display size. Bigger than its competitors. Even bigger with its Xiaomi cousins. Will the rumor be true?

xiaomi mi note 2 surprises

The first version of the Mi Note came last 2015 when Xiaomi released the first version of their phablet. This year, they are even prepared to release the next version: the Mi Note 2.

One thing is for sure, the Mi Note 2 will surpass the Mi Max which with on itself a very poor resolution, lower processing power and RAM. The Mi Note 2 will be the direct competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Note 7. With its 5.7 inch display, this one is a very wide phablet to deal with.

There is a weird problem, in this case, the screen sizes. The Mi Note 2 is expected to be smaller than the Mi 5, even the Galaxy Note 5. But on their Weibo account, Xiaomi teases a bigger Mi Note 2, bigger than the Mi 5 and the Note 5.

But will it be bigger than the Galaxy Note 7? It\’s still to be confirmed. If the Mi Note 2 can have Force Touch support, up to 6GB RAM, Snapdragon 821 power, and dual 12MP rear cameras, then the Note 7 will have a greater competition.