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5 Best Features of Xiaomi Mi 5

These are Xiaomi Mi 5 best features that end users might not know existed brought to you by you Sydney CBD Repair Centre Team.



Xiaomi Mi 5 have a very accurate and fast fingerprint scanner to unlock the device. It can store up to 5 fingerprints so trying out multiple samples of your own fingerprints will definitely work.


The streamlined settings in the Xiaomi Mi 5 enables efficient and faster setup of default app for any situation. Even the launcher and the call black list can be accessed in a very clean UI.


Xiaomi Mi 5 can be set to record calls automatically or manually. This is built in to the app so no need to pay for third party services to record your calls for you.


This special feature in the Xiaomi Mi 5 gives you the confidence to let anyone, not just your kids, to use your phone without your supervision. Just set the apps that can be accessed from the home panel and you are good to go. This feature is also built in to the MIUI 7.


Unlike the Child Mode, the App Locker is a very good option for letting someone else to use the phone but restricting access to personal files like photos or videos. This Xiaomi Mi 5 feature is integrated to the OS that it is hard to break unlike some third party app lockers downloaded from the Play Store.

Xiaomi Mi 5 Full Specs

Know what powers the Xiaomi Mi 5.

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Xiaomi Mi 5 Hard Reset

Reset your Xiaomi Mi 5 with this Do-It-Yourself guide.

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