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Xiaomi Mi 4 FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a planning to get a Mi 4 or currently own one? Do you have any questions about it? Here’s Sydney CBD Repair Team answering those queries.


How to Quickly swap the cameras on the Xiaomi Mi4?

Well, selfies have always been a thing, and this MIUI camera app lets you quickly switch to the front camera by just swiping up or down on the screen. This will provide you the quickest way to switch the rear and front cameras, which is quite amazing, and haven’t been seen on any other Android skin.

How to Hide the Photo Album on the Xiaomi Mi4?

There are times when you wouldn’t like some people in your life to see the gallery of your phone without an invitation. Well to keep those prying eyes away from your content you would need to hide the photos. To do that you need to head over to the Gallery, and then tap on local images, followed by tapping and holding on to the album you want to hide. From there, you have to choose the option, Hide so that it would not be visible to others. After the feature has served its purpose, you can unhide the albums by going to the menu of the gallery, which comes when you tap & hold a menu button on Mi4.

How to Snap Multiple Photos at a time on the Xiaomi Mi4?

You are a perfectionist, and you want your photos to be the same. Well, the MIUI camera app has just the thing for you. The app has a burst mode that allows you to snap as many as images you want. To do that you have to go to camera app and further swipe from left, and then you have to tap Burst shoot. Now you are ready to shoot as many of images at a time. You would have to hold the camera button, and there will be multiple shots taken by app till you hold the button.

Will the Xiaomi Mi4 get the Android 5.0 Lollipop update?

Xiaomi has been known for its MIUI; it has been noted as a fact that the users have received the major updates very late. The users love the regular weekly bugs fixes via small OTAs, but the larger user base craves for the big system upgrades. There were no announcements made by company yet, but you can look forward to that, software experience is a bigger part of Xiaomi’s smartphones, and Mi4 is certainly more than capable to support the 64 bit architecture. So, we hope Xiaomi surprises its consumers with a Lollipop based MIUI upgrade very soon.

What are the MIUI 6 Home Screen Gestures available for Xiaomi Mi4?

If you have the new Mi4, then you should try to make full use of the gesture modes available on the device. If you are on the home screen, you can swipe fingers from any of the sides towards the centre of the screen and access all the pages on the home screen and use one to set it as your main screen. Also, you could pinch two sides together (top and bottom) to access the hidden menu consisting of Move Apps, Widgets, Wallpapers, Effects.

How to view Gallery photos as a slideshow on the Xiaomi Mi4?

You are a photo enthusiast, well better a photo enthusiast with a Xiaomi Mi4. Then, there is a slideshow feature of the Gallery app on Mi4 that you would like to try. To watch all your photos in a slideshow, you have to open the photo from where you would like to start the slideshow. Now go to menu and tap on start slideshow, that’s it, enjoy your collection.

Xiaomi Screen Replacement

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Xiaomi Repair


How to Use Browser in the Dark or Night mode on my Xiaomi Mi4?

If you are browsing the websites on the default browser and looking to making it more comfortable browsing during night or in the dark. Then there is night mode available on the app that will let you get comfortable in darkness. To switch to that mode, you have to first open the default browser and go to menu option. There you would find an option named night mode, you have to tap on it to turn it. Or if you don’t like it, you can always switch back to regular mode by tapping on the same icon.

How to Add Favorite websites to Browser start page on the Xiaomi Mi4?

The default browser on your Mi 4 would show a categorized page of website links that you would be able to access the favorite page every time you open a new tab. But if you want to change that, you have to go to the advance option on the settings of the browser app. There you have to set a start page by entering a URL of that website, once it is set, every time you open a new tab that website will open. So, now you can simply set the start page whenever you want.

How to Close particular running app individually on the Xiaomi Mi4?

If you have just started to use the Xiaomi Mi4 and having difficulty to understand how to close a particular app, then it is very easy. You just have to tap once on the menu button and slide up the particular app to close it. To note that you can also lock a some particular apps when you are clearing all the running apps, then those locked apps would still be running. Well, that later trick was a bonus for you who have stuck around for this post.

How to Download and Change the theme on the Xiaomi Mi4?

Xiaomi’s Mi Store provides tons of themes and customization, and with Mi4 you get the latest themes from the developers. To change the themes first, you have to download them. To do that, you have to go to Theme’s app available on the home screen of the device. Tapping on that will open the Mi Store where you have to first download the apps, by tapping on whichever app you like, as all the apps for Indian users are currently free. So, start downloading any theme, and you can apply the theme right away. After you have downloaded bunch of these themes, you can also switch back to the default theme. To do that you have to tap on the person icon (local storage), and there you will find all the downloaded themes as well as the default theme.

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